Friday, February 25, 2011

List Folder Contents

Making a list of the contents of a folder can be one of the more frustrating activities.

I was doing it by opening the Command Prompt (Start Menu-Run cmd) and entering:

Dir /b [pathname] > [pathname]\list.txt

for example

Dir /b I:\MasterFolder\Subfolder\jpegs > I:\MasterFolder\Subfolder\jpegs\list.txt

This would put a text file called "list" in the jpegs folder. 

Doesn't seem too hard, right? But when the pathname is long, or you have several folders you want to list, this process can be very time consuming. Mostly because you can not copy/paste into the Command Prompt and I would have multiple typos, folder names could not have a space in them, and there is something about the "\" key that confuses me.

Fortunately, there is freeware that makes this task unnecessary. I found DirPrint at

All you have to do is open the application, select a folder and you instantly have a list of the contents. Phew!

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