Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Under Attack

Before we get to photography, it seems that a certain congressman from Virginia is out to cut funding to non-federal museums, the Goodlatte Amendment #471.

Robert Goodlatte (R-VA, whose name is Latin for expensive coffee that's mostly milk anyway, why are you even bothering with pretending it's coffee) who thinks that nature is only good for shooting is out to balance the budget - but don't be fooled, he's not doing this for you. TheMiddleclass.org, an online resource for holding Congress accountable, give Goodlatte D's and F's across the board when it comes to protecting the interests of the middle class.

The American Institute of Biological Sciences has set up a form letter opposing Goodlatte Amendment #471 and has made it easy send it to your Representative. It only takes a second, please write your congressperson.

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