Wednesday, May 18, 2011

70 Megapixel Image Online -

The New York Botanical Garden is a contributing partner in the Global Plants Initiative. So far, NYBG has produced close to 80,000 high resolution scans of specimens.

Our current challenge is how to present these scans on our own website. The majority of the images in the Virtual Herbarium are produced with Canon digital cameras whihc produce 8MB Jpegs.

The GPI scanned images are close to 70 megapixels. As Tiff files, they are over 180 MB. Even if they are saved as full size Jpegs, they are still close to 15MB.

Our current image viewer is sufficient for showing Tiffs of this size, but the viewer software is no longer supported (oh yeah, and it's Flash based so iProducts don't show our images). We will either be faced with down-sampling the images, which would reduce the magnification, or finding a new viewer.

Stumbling around the internet, I found, which is a cool Microsoft (oxymoron?) Silverlight viewer. Click the specimen below to see an amazing full size image.

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