Thursday, May 5, 2011

MK Photo-eBox PLUS 1419

I have been testing the MK Photo-eBox PLUS 1419 for copy photography of flat objects. The eBox is really designed for product photography not flat work. So I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. The camera mount is not really designed for heavy SLRs, so I had to make a couple of modifications (I detail these in a later post).

That said, I am blown away by the results so far. The light is perfectly even across the entire shooting area. I am shooting with zoom lens (more on this later, too - thanks to for the great reviews) set at 30mm at f11, 1/40 second.

The combination of the lens and the lights produces incredibly sharp images with almost no light fall off at the edges. Oh... and it's compact and easy to use. Here are a couple of initial shots. Click on them for a bigger image.

Lots of details to follow. I just wanted to put these first shots up.

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