Monday, June 13, 2011

MK Direct Photo e-Box 1419 - NYBG Mod - Preview

I just received a new MK Direct Photo e-Box 1419 with a modified opening on top.

Jaime, Felix and Ruben at MK Direct have been exceptionally helpful with this project. I thought I was going to have to make modifications to the box myself, but when I explained what I needed, they generously offered to do it for me.

The results are fantastic. This is the first shot I took with the new box using the Canon Eos 1ds Mark III with a 50mm Macro lens:

Eysenhardtia officinalis


  1. Hi Mike. In general, what were the modifications required, and why were they required?
    T.Rehman at BRIT.

  2. The only modification that was required was a larger top opening (you can see this on slide 15 of the presentation posted at

    Originally, the eBox was designed for small cameras with short lenses. To accommodate the larger Canon camera with a 50mm lens, the opening had to be enlarged. So really just a structural modification.

  3. Mike,
    When you use the Photo-eBox (NYBG-Modified) do you typically use all of the lights: left, right, back, and LED at full intensity?
    The fluorescent lights are rated at 6500K and the LED lights are rated at 5500K. Suggestions for settings on a Canon 7D for white balance (fluorescent vs color temperature)?
    Thanks for any tips you can provide.
    Don at FWVA

    1. Yes, we use left, right, back, and LED at full power. In fact, our light boxes only have on/off. I think newer versions may have variable intensity.

      We use the 'K' (Kelvin) white balance setting, starting at 5000K, and then use the white balance shift in the Eos Capture Utility software to fine tune the color nance based of of reflected light readings from the color target. You can see how this is done here: