Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MK Direct Photo e-Box 1419 v. Copystand Photography

I am setting up the MK Direct Photo e-Box 1419 in the Herbarium today.

So far in testing, we have been shooting at the same rate (about 60-80 images an hour) using the Photo e-Box as we have with our more conventional copystand.


Photo e-Box

Both images were shot with the Canon Eos 1ds Mark III with a 50mm Macro lens. The copystand image was shot at 1/80 of a second at f20, the e-Box image was taken at 1/50 at f11.

The difference is staggering. The e-Box shows much more detail. While some of that may be attributed to shooting with a wider aperture, the real difference is the quality of the light. The soft, surrounding light from the e-Box reveals much more detail, shape and texture - all of which are important to the scientists who use these images.

Boehmeria ramiflora as shot using the e-Box

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