Friday, July 29, 2011

Adobe Lightroom 2.7 Error - Unable to Export

I am in the final stages of the first phase of restructuring the Herbarium's digital image archive. Of course, this is when I hit a snag. I am sorting through a 2 terabyte mirror of the first archive structure, built who knows when. It contains TIFFs, NEFs, CRWs, and Kodak DCS 660 TIFF RAWs. There were 161,658 files hidden in a very opaque folder structure consisting of 6,201 folders.

Using Adobe Lightroom, I sorted the files into collections according to type: TIFF, RAW, and KodakRAW (the Kodak TIFF RAWs were tricky, because they show up as TIFF files, so I segregated these from the RAW files).

Out of the 60,396 TIFF files, I made a collection of 21,142 TIFFs for which there were no corresponding RAW files and exported them to an external hard drive. These will be returned to the archive, along with the RAW files. The remaining 45,564 TIFF files will be backed up on to tape and deleted from our servers.

I successfully converted the Kodak TIFF RAW files into DNG.

Now, I just have to move the RAW files. I could do this using a Windows search and just moving them on the sevrer, but I want to unify the file formats, so I figured I would export them from Lightroom as DNG. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, I encountered the following error:

Unable to Export
An internal error occurred: XMP parse threw an unknown exception

Now what?

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