Thursday, August 11, 2011

Global Plants Initiative - JSTOR

As part of the Global Plants Initiative, The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium is submitting high resolution scans of type specimens to JSTOR.

These scans are made with Epson 10000 scanners and create images that are about 200MB a piece. In addition to sending these images to Jstor, we are keeping copies of them ourselves. We currently have about 80,000 images stored on our servers. That takes up about 15 TB of space.

I am considering converting these TIFF images to DNG. I estimate that it would allow me to recover about 7.5 TB of server space. I have to look to see if others have converted TIFFs to DNG to see if this is a wise course.

 (Wise or not, I will probably do it because I need the space and the TIFFs are already being stored by Jstor)

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