Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Windows 7 Won't Refresh - How to fix

If your Windows 7 Explorer or Desktop does not refresh when you move or create files, here is a helpful trick I learned on The Windows Club.

Go to the Start Button and type "regedit" in the field that says Search programs and files. Then double-click on regedit under programs to open your Registry Editor.

This is what the Registry Editor looks like.

Press the "Ctrl" key and the letter "F" key at the same time to open the Find dialog box. In the "Find what" field, type "dontrefresh" and press the "Find Next" button.

Your Find result will probably look something like this. Notice that "Dontrefresh" has a value of 1. Double-click on "Dontrefresh" to open an editor.

In the editor dialog, change the 1 to 0 and press the "OK" button.

You will now see that "Dontrefresh" has a value of 0. You can now close the Registry Editor and your computer should refresh as you work.

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