Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Export Image File Info as CSV

Using Adobe Lightroom I have a simple taxonomy checklist for tagging my photos (more on that later). However, exporting the metadata from multiple files has been challenging.

CSV Data Collector II is an easy way to export embedded image metadata from multiple images into one CSV file from Adobe Bridge. Click here to download as a zip file.

To install:

  • Unzip the file
  • Start Adobe Bridge 
  • Select Edit - Preferences -Startup Scripts 
  • At the bottom of the prompt, click the "Reveal Button" to open the folder where the script should be placed
To use:
  • Select the image or images from which you want to extract metadata
  • Right click and select "CSV Data CollectorII" from the menu
  • Select a folder for the output file
  • Create a filename for the csv document (make sure to include ".csv" in the filename) 
  • Check the boxs of the fields to be extracted


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